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About RiceOne

RiceOne Food Corp is a world class Rice manufacturer and exporter, having achieved certifications including ISO and FSSAI at a number of our facilities. We are increasing our focus as a brand-centric company, a strategy which is expected to result in improved margins and valuation over the time as we build our well-loved brands, while remaining sensitive to our consumer needs.
Our Company

We are one stop Rice solution of all Indian rice varieties. RiceOne is more concerned about people’s health and empowering the farmers in India. We procure paddy from the well cultivated land and Process at our State of art milling unit in a traditional way. Our mission is to give the best quality rice to the every common man at the best price around the world.

RICEONE - “Rice For Life”

Mision & Vision

Vision - To serve the common man with quality Rice, reach out every single house hold and thus providing healthy food & brighter living.

Mission - To be the premier Manufacturer, Exporter & Online provider of Rice, specializing in quality & authenticity and to support our famers in all possible ways.


RiceOne is truly committed to empowering people’s health by giving right rice to the people and we are more concerned about the Quality of product and service. We are the only company who provides complete rice solution and we support farmers in different way to encourage the agricultural industry because the Farmers are the backbone of the Nation.

RiceOne's Market

RiceOne Food Corp, a leading market player within India, is extremely well-positioned to leverage their much loved, iconic brands into selected emerging markets in India and across the globe.

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