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Kerala Matta Rice


"Makes your every Meal Special"

Kerala Matta (Red Rice)


 Kerala Matta Rice also known as Rose-Matta rice, Palakkadan, Kerala Red rice, or Red parboiled rice an indigenous variety of rice grown in Kerala in southern parts of India. The grains are yellowish pink from being parboiled with the reddish out layers. Rose Matta Rice maintains a pink hue as well as its flavour on cooking. Like all brown or par boiled rice, Red Matta has a lengthy cook time and requires extra water. It is a coarse variety of rice with bold grains and red pericarp. The rice has a unique taste. The coarse rice with red pericarp by itself ensures high content of nutrients. “Par-boiling” of the rice further ensures retention of nutritional value.

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RICE                                :                 Organic Rice

Brand                               :                 RiceOne / Buyer Brand

Year of Crop                     :                 2023

Avg. Length                      :                 5 - 5.5  MM

Moisture                           :                 12 to 14%

Broken                             :                  Less than 5%

Damage / Dis-colour        :                 Less than 3%

Chalky                              :                 Less than 3%

Packing                            :                 Poly , PP Bag

Packing size                     :                 26/50 kg


Shipment terms       :  FOB, CNF, CIF

Payment terms        :  Advance 

Delivery Period        :  Within 25 days from the date advance payment.  

Kerala-matta-raw-rice- Riceone
Raw Rice
Boiled Rice
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