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Our Facilities

At RiceOne, we have a world class facilities for every stage in the process. We are equipped with all the facilities right from the warehousing, production, storing, Research & Development, Laboratory, Quality control, staff office etc. We follow ISO standards where in every personnel is trained to adhere to it and follow the set standards. RiceOne also takes a pride of their committed & dedicated professionals & the support staff who work departmental wise to achieve our common goal.

Our processing plant has a production capacity of 500 mt per day to cater the demand in Domestic & Export market.It is also accredited with ISO 9001:2008, HACCP, FASSAI, GMP certifications which we strictly adhere to. Our plant is equipped with all modern technology equipments like Pre-cleaners, de-stoners, sizers, graders, paddy separator, de-husker etc imported to enhance the production process.

Paddy Procurement

Quality of the Rice can only be good & authentic when the paddy is of good quality. We follow our set standards in procurement of Paddy from the farmers where our quality team do not compromise on the quality of the paddy. We have strong relationship the farmer where our R&D work closely during each life cycle of the crop from sowing to harvesting so that we get our own desired standards.

Research & Development

RiceOne has a diverse group of most qualified professional for Research & Development who take an immense pleasure in making technological improvements in terms of Crop improvement, Crop production, crop protection, Location & Production analysis, Climate change & water availability, Natural resource management etc.


At RiceOne, the paddy procured is kept for storage for about one year and then processed at our mill to get the authentic Rice. We have storage capacity of about 2,00,000 MT which is maintained hygienic and fumigated periodically so that it remains free from infestation happening through micro-organism and the insects. We also take utmost care in protecting Paddy from the ground, moisture, humidity, rodents etc  so that it is preserved in a good conditions.

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