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"Healthier Rice For the Healthier Living"


 Millet is tiny in size and round in shape and can be white, gray, yellow or red. The most widely available form of millet found in stores is the hulled variety, although traditional couscous made from cracked millet can also be found. The term millet refers to a variety of grains. Millet provides a host of nutrients, has a sweet nutty flavor, and is considered to be one of the most digestible and non-allergenic grains available. It is one of the few grains that is alkalizing to the body.




Origin State       :   South India


Verities              :   Barnyard , Foxtail , Finger, Kodo, Proso & Little Millet


Age of Millets     :  6 months


Packing              :  1, 10, 25, 50 kg PP Bag

Barnyard Millet
Kodo Millet
Foxtail Millet
Finger Millet
Little Millet 
Proso Millet
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