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Paddy Procurement

"Right Paddy For the Right Rice"

Quality of the Rice can only be good & authentic when the paddy is of good quality. We follow our set standards in procurement of Paddy from the farmers where our quality team do not compromise on the quality of the paddy. We have strong relationship the farmer where our R&D work closely during each life cycle of the crop from sowing to harvesting so that we get our own desired standards.


We follow our specification while procuring paddy from farmers for moisture limit, foreign contamination, Color, size, chalky , damage, purity etc so that our quality is as per the specified standards.   


As paddy quality being different from place to place and season to season, our R&D closely monitors the harvest at the start of the season so that we can procure the best of Paddy so that the authencity of Rice is maintained.

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